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Perkongsian tentang tugasan @ assignment OUM saya

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                   : Raihan Ahmad
Gambar            : tiada
Catatan Entri   :6

Catatan saya untuk entri ke 6 ABDR adalah contoh tugasan atau assignment yang pernah saya buat dalam tugasan OUM saya. Ini adalah penulisan akademik, moga sedikit perkongsian saya memberi inspirasi kepada pembaca bagaimana untuk menghasilkan penulisan akademik. Maaf andai ada kekurangan sebab saya budak baru belajar.

Selamat membaca.


Discuss the principles of natural justice governing domestic inquiry in Malaysia and consider whether the principles are too rigid and could cause injustice to the employers. Recommend any amendments to the Malaysian law regarding this issue.

Bincangkan prinsip-prinsip keadilan asasi yang mendasari siasatan dalaman di Malaysia dan pertimbangkan sama ada prinsip-prinsip tersebut terlalu tegar dan boleh menyebabkan ketidakadilan kepada majikan. Cadangkan sebarang pindaan kepada undang-undang Malaysia mengenai isu ini.

Principle of Natural Justice

As matter of fact, Malaysian has numerous kind of law that each kind of law is responsible to be as guidance for the law practitioner; lawyer, judges, to base their arguments and come out with ruling of each case brought upon them. As for now, we will be discussing on the principle of natural justice which in other way consistent to basic human right to be not be treated inhumanely even though they have committed dreadful offences. Natural Justice can be found in every law in Malaysia including the Employment Law 1955. Since it is about the basic human right, the principle can also be found in the Fundamental Constitution of Malaysia. When we talk about principle of natural justice in domestic inquiry, in the domestic inquiry itself, the conduct or the procedure inflict the principle. Domestic inquiry may be found in the Employment Law 1955 in Section 14 (1). In this section, it stated what is domestic inquiry and also the procedure which may include in the inquiry that bound to be followed by the employer whom wanting the inquiry to be brought upon them. Domestic inquiry is actually an internal trial done by the employer to decide either the offence done by the employee is amounting to misconduct that can be punish by sentence form by the employer himself. However, before a formal trial is conducted, the employer will first need to make an investigation to investigate the accusation directed to the employee by the employer. The employer will first need to gather the information to make the base of the accusation and if the information has been found enough to extend the accusation, then the employer will then need to distribute the show cause letter to give chance to the employee to confess upon the accusation. If the employee refuses to confess upon the accusation fall upon him, then, a formal trial will then be carried out.In the same clause, state that, the employee who in the period between the commencements of the domestic inquiry will be suspended from the work and the employer still needs to pay the wages but only half of it. Should the employee found innocent, the employer is bound to redeem back the other half of the pay. 

Natural justice is applicable to any kinds of offences be it the criminal offences or the domestic inquiry. This principle is meant or it is consistent with the cause to safeguard the basic human right. Even though the evil must be prevailed, it is not an excuse for the human right to be neglected. Natural Justice and procedural fairness have the same meaning. They are being used interchangeably (Ombudsmen Western Australia). While implementing the natural justice where it safeguard the basic human right against the injustice of the administration or procedural to brought him before the justice. Hence it is consistent to saying of justice is not only be done, but seen to be done (Haswira & Anida, 2009). Based on this verdict, thus principle of natural justice is come about. The employer should abide by this principle in order the justice to be seen that      it has been done in a situation where they want the inquiry to be brought upon them. How it is seen being done can be based on several principle which lay out under the Natural Justice. Natural justice can be practice in a sense of administrative action, quasi-judicial proceedings and sentencing procedure (Haswira & Anida, 2009) where the official or responsible party should play the natural justice according to its means so long as justice is being carried out. 

The first element of natural justice is Audi Alteram Partem or right to be heard. Right to be heard here means that no one should be left or be condemned unheard (T.S Sivagnanam, 2009). No one should be left unheard regardless of the degree of the offence that he commit. He should not be treated unequally eventhough to what he had done is not something that worth to be treat humanely. Every offender either the criminal or industrial offender should have the right to be notified, right to defend, appeal and against conviction and also right not to be sentence twice of the same offence against the accusation fall onto him. All of this element constitute under the principle of Audi Alteram Partem. 

The first element is right to be notified on the accusation. According to the decided case of Car Seat (M) Sdn. Bhd v Moh Mokhtar bin Mohd Kepol and 1 other [1995], the court ruled that to whatever the ground of the accusation which is cost upon the offender, the offender has the right to be notified before he is being suspended from work or apprehended by the law enforcer. As in the case of inquiry, the employee who acclaimed by the employer commit a misconduct, before he or she being suspended from his or her work, he must be notified the ground cause and the accusation cost to him. The notification must be elaborate stating the justification and saying that the offender is obligate to attend the inquiry session as to decide on the case or accusation which brought upon him (Heddy Cordova, n.d). In the notification should also include the place, time and any other information which may deem important to be relay to the offender so that he would be prepare enough to attend the session. For example, Miss A is being accused by her employer of being found guilty of breach of trust and her employer wants to suspend her service and before she can be suspended, first thing first is that she must be notified the ground of the accusation. Then the accusation can be justified since the accusation has its ground.

Second element under the first principle of natural justice is the offender has the right to defend his or herself against the accusation. The offender has the right to bail him or herself from the accusation by using the evidence that is concrete and beyond reasonable doubt. According to Justice T.S. Sivagnanam (2009) in his lecture on Principle of Natural Justice, he said that the offender shall have the right to defend himself against the accusation by using the evidence and to call his own witnesses to prove his innocence. The employer cannot in any way or means obstructing the employee to defend themselves from the accusation made by the employer and should be given ample and enough time to prepare the evidence that might be useful in defending themself. The employee at the time of the session will be presented by the trade union that he is a member of or if he does not belong to any union that if he may wish to use the lawyer service to defend her case, they are welcome to do so and the employer has no right stipulated in any law can obstruct them. For example, after Miss A has known about the accusation and wanted to defend herself against the accusation, her employer cannot by any means obstructing her to do so and getting lawyer is she wishes to do so.

The third element is right to appeal against the sentence or decision made during the inquiry session. If the offender later found or think the sentence is not fair to his or her judgment or to the lawyer’s judgment, the offender may appeal for the sentence to be change. The offender may ask to lighten the sentence impose onto the offender or may ask to change the sentence before it is passed. As long as the sentence has not been made official, the offender may ask the employer to change the sentence or appeal against it. For example that can be made here in relating to previous example, Miss A has been tried and later the party ruled out sentences which indicate the penalty that she has to bear as a result of her misconduct. However, Miss A found out that the ruling was not right and she ask for her employer to change the sentence or in another way of saying, appeal against the sentence. It is illustrated in the case of Said Dharmalingam bin Abdullah b Malayan Breweries (Malaya) Sdn. Bhd. (1997). In this case, it was decided that the employee has the right to appeal against the sentence. It was also ruled that the employee whom obstruct from appeal against the sentence is the same or tantamount to denying his or her right to domestic inquiry as stipulated in section 14(2) of Employment Act 1955. Therefore, employer should be aware of it or any trivial things can happen to him as result of disobeying the law. 

The fourth element is right to know a decision. In any proceeding or inquiry, not a single case left without a ruling sentence from the judge or the employer. The decision must be made known to the offender so that he or she can make decision based on the ruling. Whether he or she thinks that the sentence is fair or not, she can decide based on that and decides whether to accept the sentence or call to appeal against the sentence. As long as it does not officiate yet by any officer, it does not come to effect. For example, Miss A’s inquiry session has finished and she wants to hear the sentence after she defend her case. The decision can be made as a ground either Miss A want to precede with appeal against the sentence or not. 

Last but not least is right not to be sentenced twice. This is stipulated under Article 7(2) of Federal Constitution. In the provision it says that, whoever has been committed for the same accusation or offence cannot be charged against him no more. The conviction in another way of saying cannot be on the same ground and the same sentence unless under certain condition which it may pursue to it. Unless it is either the sentence has been acquitted or retrial, only then the sentence can be imposed to the offender. For example, Miss A back to several years has been sentenced and accuse of the same accusation. She can no longer be tried for the same cause and the sentence unless given situation as stated earlier. So, that is why it is very important to state the ground of the accusation so that this thing could be hinder in the beginning.

            First element of Natural has been discussed, which left the second element of the principle. The second principle is Nemo Judex Cause Sua Potest. This legal maxim, it indicates the protection of the offender against bias in decision making in domestic inquiry. It suggests that the decision making should be fair and equal to the offender and the decision should also be fair and tantamount to his offence. The responsible person should be free from bias and should give both offender and plaintiff equal opportunity for their arguments to be heard (Finin O’Brien, n.d). Even the offender who has committed the highest degree of offence, he shall not be discriminate before the law even the plaintiff think that the offender should not be granted with goodness after all that he did (the offence). Element of Nemo Judex Cause Sua Potest is actually the protection against bias on the procedure of conducting the inquiry. The procedure must be as clean and as transparent as possible as well as the sentence. How we can guarantee the offender right can be safeguard through the procedure is by selection of the person that will preside the session. It is being said that, the person or the observer shall not have any specific or personal interest over the party involved or the issues involved. The person who being appointed to preside the inquiry shall be totally strangers to both parties (both plaintiff and offender) as it is afraid if the mediator knows either one of the parties, the possibility that he can be bias to either part is higher since he can have interest over either party. Thus, through this, it can guarantee that the right of both parties will be safeguard before the law if this measure were to be viewed beforehand. For example, Mr H is being appointed as mediator in a domestic inquiry. Later he found out that, the offender or the employee whom being accused that will be tried is his cousin. Due to the personal relationship that Mr H and Miss A have, therefore, Mr H is not eligible or not fit to preside the session as it will lead to bias to the employer since the Mr H might rule out a sentence which will not fit to the degree of the offence done by Miss A who turns out to be his cousin. 

            On the question as to whether the principle of natural justice is undermining the right of the employer as in the case of domestic inquiry. Derive from the nature of the natural justice itself, whilst it indicate the instrument to safeguard the basic human right before the accusation or before the procedure to bring him before the justice due to his doing, it also in another way around do the same to the plaintiff. Why is it so? It is because, when it comes to procedure, it is bound to the law or regulation which requires every party to obey them regardless which party is he in. As in this case of domestic inquiry, it can be said that the employer will not at loss. They will gain something from obeying the principle. As being said before, as result of denying the right of the employee to defend his own case by using his own evidence and witnesses may subject to the denying the right of the employee to the domestic inquiry (Section 14(2) of Employment Act 1955) which may lead to injustice sentence since the employer is act on his own discretion without any professional involved. 

            Things that exist in this world are not perfect. It is subject to flaws and loopholes. Those flaws and loopholes indeed needed to be mending to make it perfect and make things in the future easier to be use and conduct. According to J. MacMillan (2007), he said in his paper, that too much of natural justice is the same to defiency. Why is it so? He looked into different perspective of the issues. According to him, he looked on the area of procedure itself, he said that the procedure is too much, there are many steps and it turns out making the domestic inquiry taking much longer time than it needs to be. The paperwork is too much and the submission of the evidence also not regular which there is not specific time that indicates when the party should submit their document and evidence. Therefore, this needs a new justification so that it can be improve from time to time. 

The first suggestion is that in terms of the forming the decision. The decision will be made after the session has completed. Once panel have heard about the arguments that both party have brought, they will come to a decision that will decide the fate of the offender. However, to what degree that the fairness of the decision is the question. In Malaysia, the panel will be among the uninterested employee of the company and also other person that will be forming the panel of the inquiry. The employee even though does not have any relation to the case, he has relation to the company which may lead to bias to the part of the offender. The panel might take side to the employer as human cannot be predicted. They can change their minds and how far he is being unbias also the question. So in here, it would like if the employee should not be included in the panel of the inquiry. 

The second recommendation is that the documentation of the process. As being said before, it requires a lot of paper work. Since it require a lot of paperwork, the period where to complete the procedure seems longer than it needs to be. Starting from the submitting the allegation to the body, to notify the offender till the completion all requires paperwork. It does not stop there, if there is any amendment to be made, it should be re-submitted once it is completed. Thus it require a lot of time than it needs to. Therefore, the responsible body should give steps or guidelines to every company to make things easier and runs smoothly. 

The last but not least is about the consideration of the show cause letter. Many does not know what to include and what to explain in the letter stating his personal explanation over the allegation. According to the case of Razali v Andaman Langkawi (2011), this case has been submitted to the Industrial Court where before that the offender has made a show cause letter and later found out that the company said the explanation was not valid. This brought a wonder how much the explanation should be to be consider as a valid explanation. There is no valid guideline over this matter given from the tribunal. Therefore, it is recommended that the tribunal could give explanation of how the letter works and what to include in the letter so that it would not cause confusion. 

Before this paper is ended, it would be nice to recap of what has been written so far. The law that governing the domestic inquiry as stipulated and formed by Malaysian legislative assembly is govern by the Employment Law 1955. The principle of Natural Justice can be found in the Federal Constitution of Malaysia where it lays out the basic human right or the basic right as Malaysian citizen. This principle does apply to every law in Malaysia and any procedure to bring justice to its place. It is because principle of natural justice is a nature law where it is applicable to every situation. In domestic inquiry, it lays out two different perspectives. First is Audi Alteram partem or right to be heard and the second is Nemo Judex Causa Sua Potest that is right agaist unbias procedure. These two principles do will help to ensure that employee or the offender is safeguard against procedure biasness. As being mentioned earlier, three recommendations have been pointed out. First is to leave the employee outside the panel member. Second is overlapping of the documentation process. Last but not least is a guideline on to write the show cause letter


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 Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

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Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                   : Raihan Ahmad
Gambar            : Google
Catatan Entri   :5

Alhamdulillah. Membaca jambatan ilmu. Ini adalah koleksi terbaru bahan bacaan di rak buku Raihan Ahmad. Kepada penggemar buku, sudah tentu buku ini antara bahan bacaan yang seronok untuk dibaca.

Kita selosori apa yang terkandung di dalam buku ini.

  • Buku ini mempunyai bilangan mukasurat sebanyak 1- 546 
  • Mempunyai 4 bahagian yang terdiri daripada perkara-perkara berikut:
  1. BAHAGIAN 1 : LEVERAGE MINDA (Bab 1 - Bab 8 )
  3. BAHAGIAN 3 : LEVERAGE TINDAKAN ( Bab 14 - Bab 20 )
Kita mungkin tertanya-tanya kenapa di setiap bahagian itu ada perkataan " Leverage" . Kalau nak tahu sila berhubung dengan saya melalui aplikasi whatsapp di talian 013 3109360 , oppp!!! gurau senda di alam maya sahaja. Jangan marah. Baiklah, perkataan " leverage itu adalah berkaitan tentang KEKUATAN ATAU DAYA PENGUMPIL,PENUILAN,PENYUNGKILAN.

Apabila saya membaca buku biasanya saya lebih mudah tertarik dengan bahan-bahan bacaan yang membawa kita ke satu araf pemikiran yang kreatif dan bermotivasi tinggi.Gaya penulisan pula , adalah gaya penulisan yang santai seolah-olah antara kita dengan penulis seperti kita mendengar penulis bercerita dengan kita. Baru mata pun berasa segar bugar. Susah juga kan jadi penulis.

Dalam buku ini, dikatakan bahagian yang terpenting adalah di bahagian 1, iaitu bahagian "Leverage Minda" yang mempunyai 8 bab. Bab ini paling seronok sebab kita belajar bagaimana nak mengurus minda kita . Fikir mesti positif sebab hasilnya juga positif. Tidak percaya , jom baca buku ini.

Sebenarnya dalam bahagian 1 ini yang terkesan dan menjadi fokus saya ialah " KAMI BERSARA MUDA BAGI MENJADI KAYA" Anda berani nak bersara awal semata-mata untuk menjadi kaya dengan pilihan yang telah anda perincikan. Jika jawapan adalah "Ya" sila baca buku ini. Wah! siap buat promosi lagi.

Saya tidak mahu menulis terlalu panjang berkenaan buku ini. Saya baru sahaja bermula sebenarnya, Insya Allah , apa yang saya baca haruslah diterapkan dalam diri. Bukan mudah namun "Saya Mesti Cuba"

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

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Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                   : Raihan Ahmad
Gambar            : Google
Catatan Entri   : 4

Catatan kali ini adalah berkaitan tentang REDHA. Satu perkataan tapi sebenarnya sesuatu yang sangat-sangat susah untuk kita laksanakan.

Tidak Percaya?

Mari kita sama-sama pejamkan mata sejenak. Bayangkan kita berada di tengah-tengah padang pasir yang kering kontang , kita letih, lapar,sakit,haus dan bermacam-macam lagi keadaan yang menyakitkan. Tanamkan apa yang kita rasa semuanya di dalam hati dan tiba-tiba datang sekumpulan musafir lalu dan membiarkan keadaan kita tanpa ada belas ehsan untuk membantu, padahal mereka mampu sahaja untuk membantu. Apa yang akan ada dalam hati kita. Redha kah anda dengan perlakuan kumpulan musafir itu.

Biasanya apabila kita disakiti, bukan mudah untuk kita redha dengan apa yang terjadi dalam kisah-kisah hidup kita. Kita mesti asuh dan didik hati yang ada dalam roh kita untuk belajar erti redha.

Sekarang ini saya sedang belajar mendidik hati saya untuk redha dengan segala perbuatan seseorang pada saya. Saya katakan , sangat sukar sebenarnya. Sangat-sangat sukar. Sebab itu pahala bagi mereka yang redha , sangat besar.

Seseorang yang boleh saya katakan teman saya. Teman yang saya kenali dari awal usia belasan tahun. Mengkhianati kepercayaan yang saya beri. Boleh dikatakan membawa kepada hancurnya hati saya. Saya mungkin boleh tersenyum dan hidup seperti biasa, namun kesan perbuatannya membawa impak yang sangat besar dalam diri saya.

Mula-mula apabila saya tahu akan perbuatannnya, saya menangis dan terus menangis. Saya kata pada diri saya, sampai hati dia sanggup menghancurkan hati saya ini.Walhal saya tidak pernah campur berkaitan keluarganya. Dia mengkhinati diri saya sehingga saya berasa saya ini dipijak-pijak oleh dia. Saya ini seolah-olah sampah yang sesuka hati boleh dibuang. Sakit pada diri saya, Allah sahaja yang Maha Mengetahui.

Hari demi hari saya berdoa agar saya mampu redha dengan perbuatan teman saya ini. Tapi saya tak mampu, sebab rasa sakit didada saya bukan mudah untuk sembuh. Perbuatan teman saya ini menjadikan saya hidup tanpa punya hati. Ibarat kata, hati saya telah mati. Saya tidak tahu , bagaimana untuk melakarkan segala kesakitan dicatatan saya ini.

Daripada semua kisah kesakitan saya ini, saya bangkit membuktikan bahawa saya ini insan luar biasa dan istimewa. Orang boleh sakiti saya namun mereka tidak boleh buat saya putus asa. Saya berani melangkah denga lafaz Bismillah, berjuang dalam bidang yang sangat saya minati iaitu perniagaan. Inilah hikmah di sebalik kisah duka.

Saya selalu berfikir, memikirkan penyelesaian daripada masalah bukan memikirkan masalah dengan masalah. Hidup harus diteruskan. Biar hilang seorang teman. Alhamdulilah , Allah SWT bagi saya team-team perniagaan yang mempunyai AURA SEORANG JUTAWAN.

" Hidup ini sangat INDAH sebab Aku Ada ALLAH SWT" Raihan Ahmad berjuang untuk matlamat hidup nan satu iaitu Syurga Allah SWT. Insya Allah. Aamin.

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

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Pengalaman Open Booth

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                :  Raihan Ahmad
Gambar           : Persendirian
Catatan Entri   : 3

Alhamdulillah, satu pengalaman yang tidak boleh dibeli di mana-mana. Saya sangat teruja dengan pengalaman ini. berkolobarasi dengan team networking dari Tupperware , saya memberanikan diri mengorak langkah ke fasa perniagaan dengan membuka booth.

Gambar di atas adalah gambar anak kesayangan saya Soffiyyah. Sebagai ibu, semestinya saya mengutamakan KELUARGA dahulu. Dengan keizinan suami dan lafaz bismillah , saya akhirnya berjaya memecahkan rekod rasa malu saya. Bangga jugak lah. Bukan senang sebenarnya.

Pembelajaran saya dari perniagaan booth nie, satu yang saya boleh kongsikan adalah " kita belajar tentang PENOLAKAN " . Bila kita berniaga kita akan berjumpa dengan ramai kenalan baru. Pastinya suasana yang sangat mengusik hati. Pelbagai ragam pelanggan membuatkan kita terhibur.

Bermula dari jam 10.00 pagi hingga 6.00 petang , booth kami beroperasi di siar kaki kedai Pasaraya Kassim. Kos sewaan adalah sebanyak RM 50.00. Kami berkongsi bertiga. Jualan masuk ke dalam jualan networking leader saya. Terima kasih kepada leadar saya yang memberi peluang kepada saya untuk menyertai booth ini.

Sebenarnya ini adalah fasa pertama saya di tahun 2014, Insha Allah , ada rezeki saya akan meneruskan usaha saya ini bukan hanya terhad pada produk tupperware tapi produk-produk hasil jemari saya sendiri.

Saya nak bina perniagaan yang saya design sendiri melalui pembelajaran, pengalaman dan minat. Dalam perniagaan bagi pendapat saya, MINAT itu adalah satu yang sangat penting. Tanpa minat kita mudah bosan. Bila bosan maka segala impian dan matlamat tidak dapat digapai.

Legasi R.A Niaga  mara ke hadapan , doakan saya berjaya mendaftarkan nama perniagaan saya ini di Suruhanjaya Perniagaan Awam. Aamin.

Hidup ini penuh dengan dugaan dan cabaran. Biar apa pun yang mendatang YAKIN lah bahawa kita semua ADA DIA yang SATU. Saya adalah saya, inilah usaha saya untuk menjadi hamba Allah yang BERJAYA DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT.

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 


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Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                :  Raihan Ahmad
Gambar           : Google
Catatan Entri   : 2

Catatan kali ini adalah berkaitan dengan TANGGA SAYA. Tangga ???

Ada apa dengan TANGGA SAYA. Pernah atau tidak kita memikirkan tentang tangga kehidupan kita. Di aras manakah kita berada...

Rumah tanpa tangga diibaratkan sebagai rumah yang tidak sempurna, sebab apa ? Mohon pembaca fikir-fikirkanlah. Sesekali kita kena gerakkan minda kita untuk berfikir secara kreatif. Jangan marah , gurau senda di alam maya. mesti ada pembaca yang mengatakan, kalau rumah moden mana ada tangga , apalah ... solusinya fikirkan rumah kampung nenek moyang kita zaman dahulu kala.

Jom tanya diri ... Anak tangga MANA kita dah CAPAI hari ini?

Saya ambil situasi diri saya sendiri ... saya memang suka mencari ilmu. Sebab itu hobi saya dari kecil sampai sedewasa ini saya suka membaca. Bukan nak membanggakan diri tapi itu lah saya. Memang minat sangat dengan buku dan ilmu.

Boleh dikatakan saya berada di zon selesa ... punya pekerjaan yang tetap. Tidak perlu bersusah payah lagi untuk menyambung pengajian saya. Setiap tahun akan ada kenaikan gaji tanpa perlu untuk saya bersusah payah ... Namun saya bertanya pada diri, adakah saya perlu hidup seperti ini sepanjang hayat. Hanya duduk di zon selesa saya sahaja ... TANPA PERLU MENCABAR DIRI SENDIRI.

Saya berfikir dan meneruskan pencarian tentang bagaimana SAYA NAK LEBIH BERJAYA ... Maka saya terjumpa tangga - tangga tentang TANGGA SAYA di bawah ini ... Jom sama-sama kita fikirkan dan perhalusi...

Apabila kita bertanyakan persoalan-persoalan tentang TANGGA-TANGGA SAYA ini kepada diri kita sendiri ... Semua jawapan ADA pada diri kita. NAK BERJAYA bukan satu perkara yang hanya boleh duduk di ZON SELESA, NAK BERJAYA kena ada ILMU, NAK BERJAYA ... MESTI USAHA DAN BERDOA SELALU.

SAYA NAK BERJAYA dalam KERJAYA saya , saya tak BOLEH hanya memiliki SPM. Saya kene gerakkan diri saya untuk mencapai apa yang saya telah CATATKAN DALAM DIARI IMPIAN SAYA.

1. Saya TAKKAN buat

Inilah jawapan saya pada diri saya tentang TANGGA SAYA yang pertama ... Saya TAKKAN buat ... Saya tanya pada diri saya ... kenapa saya TAKKAN buat untuk menyambung pengajian... Apa alasan saya ... Sebab apa ??? Saya nak berjaya kan ... Kalau setakat SPM ada ke orang nak pandang awak Raihan oiii ... Raihan, awak nie takde usaha ke nak majukan diri, awak kene berani untuk mencabar diri awak untuk sambung pengajian... Ilmu dapat dan AURA orang BERJAYA pun dapat. Awak tak nak ke naik pentas ambil Scroll mcm org lain ... kannn best tuw ... Bukan nak ambil Scroll aje tapi sebagai kebanggaan KELUARGA. Tak Nak ke??? Jadi saya hapuskan perkataan TAKKAN dengan beraninya mendaftar di UNIVERSITI TERBUKA MALAYSIA dalam bidang PENGAJIAN SUMBER MANUSIA.

Mula-mula masuk saya kene ambil subjek ORAL SPEAKING IN ENGLISH. Saya rasa nak pengsan sebab saya nie manalah tahu sangat bercakap dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Tapi sebab saya kene ADA JIWA BESAR maka USAHA pun kene BESAR jua ... walaupun tergagap-gagap, saya teruskan langkah dan sekarang , Alhamdulillah, berada pada tahun-tahun terakhir pengajian.

Untuk tangga-tangga SAYA seterusnya, biarlah segala jawapan hanya saya dan DIA sahaja yang tahu. Inilah serba sedikit perkongsian saya untuk pembaca berkenaan TANGGA SAYA.

Cubalah fikirkan dan perhalusi tentang TANGGA SAYA ini ...Moga pembaca menemui langkah pertama untuk menjadi orang yang LEBIH BERJAYA, Insha Allah.

Doakan kejayaan saya... dan jangan lupa tangga-tagga seterusnya di bawah ini ...

2. Saya TAK BOLEH buat

3. Saya NAK buat

4. BAGAIMANA saya nak buat ni?

5. Saya akan CUBA buat

6. Saya BOLEH buat

7. Saya AKAN buat


Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Selasa, 7 Oktober 2014

Peringatan buat SAYA

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Teks                :  Raihan Ahmad
Gambar           : Daripada group ABDR
Catatan Entri   : 1

Alhamdulillah, kembali semula di landasan yg betul. Terima kasih kepada guru online saya cikgu  kerana memberi teguran membina. Sebagai seorang pelajar OUM, SAYA MEMANG ANTI PLAGIAT. Biasanya apabila saya fokus kepada assignment atau tugasan subjek yang lecture atau pensyarah beri memang saya lah manusia yang paling banyak membuat rujukan buku.

Bermula Oktober ini saya berazam untuk memberi tumpuan penuh pada penulisan saya sendiri di blog ini di mana blog ini terbina adalah hasil bimbingan cikgu online saya .

Pada cikgu online saya, untuk tugasan 44 entri penulisan secara konsisten, saya letak label 44 entri. Mohon tunjuk ajar andai ada kekurangan saya ini.

Sebenarnya untuk menjadi seorang blogger yang kerap mengemaskini catatan adalah sesuatu yang bukan mudah. Namun itulah yang dinamakan cabaran.

Sekarang aku CABAR DIRI untuk konsisten dalam penulisan.

Baiklah, setakat ini dahulu catatan saya, moga kita berjumpa lagi...

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Jumaat, 3 Oktober 2014

Salam Aidil Adha

Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Salam Aidil Adha dari saya ... Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Khamis, 2 Oktober 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Antara majalah yang sangat saya minati setiap bulan. Doakan saya untuk membuat design tudung saya sendiri. Bukan nak menunjuk-nunjuk tapi saya nak pakai tudung yang selesa dan mudah dipakai. Hidup ini kita kena senantiasa berusaha untuk memajukan diri.

Sambil-sambil , jemput layan katalog emas dan tupperware. Nama pun WANITA kannn...

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Rabu, 1 Oktober 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Pada yang berminat nak mencuba, boleh sms @ whatsapp saya di 013 3109360

 Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Sabtu, 27 September 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

 Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ...
 Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW.

Khamis, 18 September 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Hari ini tergerak hati nak berkongsi tentang produk yang saya guna . Wanita dan kecantikan memang tidak dapat dipisahkan. Produk Mary Kay adalah produk bertaraf dunia dan mempunyai classs tersendiri. Bila orang tanya ... tak mahal ke awak guna produk nie ??? Saya kata mcm nie, cuba awak dok fikir, awak tiap-tiap bulan bayar kereta berapa ... kereta semakin lusuh kan. Habis bayar, batuk sana batuk sini. Jadi saya guna produk nie memang mahal sikit tapi bagi saya memang berbaloi dengan kesan pada diri saya.

Sebenarnya tak mahal mana pun, saya guna set untuk penjagaan wajah dengan anggaran budget harga dalam RM 600 tapi saya nak ingatkan ... dengan bayaran RM 600 saya guna produk nie dekat 6 bulan tak habis-habis, jenuh dh bagi habis hehehe ...sebab apa, produk berkualiti guna hanya dihujung jari aje, tak payah sampai berbuih-buih bagai, tak perlu nak tepek tebal-tebal sangat. Cukuplah sekadar rata seluruh wajah.

Saya ini jenis manusia yang ringkas. mekap tebal-tebal memang bukan saya sebab itu asyik kene marah dengan senior beauty tidak mengapa sebab tujuan saya nak cantikkan diri bukan untuk tayangan umum. Saya nak jaga apa yang Allah bagi pada saya. Alhamdulillah ... saya adalah saya... saya bahagia dengan cara saya.

Pada teman-teman yang bertandang di blog saya dan memang nak sangat mencuba produk Mary Kay ... boleh whatsapp di no ini 013-3109360 ... Raihan Ahmad Kisahku.

Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Jumaat, 11 Julai 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

 Marilah sama-sama kita berdoa untuk saudara-saudara Islam kita yang sedang menghadapi saat-saat sukar. Moga Allah SWT yang Maha Kuasa membantu saudara-saudara Islam kita. Aamiin.

 Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW. 

Isnin, 7 Julai 2014


Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Mengasihani

Skincerity (keluaran Nucerity International) merupakan produk kosmetik berteknologi tinggi yang diciptakan oleh pakar-pakar kulit Amerika; dibawah geran R&D kerajaan Amerika Syarikat (SBIR No. AR44435). Skincerity adalah masker pertama di dunia yang mampu "bernafas" sambil mengekalkan kelembapan dan membasmi kuman pada kulit. Justeru ia menyediakan "platform" terbaik untuk penyembuhan masalah kulit dari dalam secara alami!

SKINCERITY kini di Malaysia! :)

Kebaikan dan Fungsi Skincerity : 


- Memberikan Sumber antioksidan yang terus menerus 
untuk memerangi kerosakan akibat cahaya matahari.
- Teknologi canggih yang mampu menghilangkan sel-sel 
kulit mati yang menyebabkan kulit menjadi kusam.
- Menghedrasi kulit anda secara alami,sehingga kulit 
anda menjadi lembab.
- Meningkatan 40% aktif atau manfaaat dari skincare 
yang anda pakai.
- Memelihara kerosakan kulit dan kulit kering
- Mengatasi kemerahan pada kulit anda
- Tidak Menyumbat pori-pori
- Mengurangi munculnya garis-garis halus kedut
dan pori2 yang membesar
- Boleh digunakan pada wajah,tangan,leher dan 
dada untuk mencegah penuaan 
- Selamat digunakan pada semua jenis kulit dan
warna kulit

- Telah diuji secara klinikal dan disyorkan oleh dermatologi.. In Sha Allah
Salam kasih sayang dari saya untuk pembaca semua.

Perniagaan membuatkan aku benar benar tawakal kepada ALLAH SWT sebab REZEKI rahsia ALLAH SWT.

Jom Berniaga ... Berniaga Sunnah Rasulullah SAW.